11th March 2006, Saturday

Today I wake up at 0550, cause I need to catch the 0700 flight to Sandakan to attend one of my close friend's funeral.  She is Stella, my workmate that suffered from cancer.  She passed away on 8/3/2006 in the evening at KL, her brother's house peacefully.

Seven of us from KK flow to Sandakan this morning.  After we reached Sandakan, we went for breakfast before we go to church.  We arrived the church at 0900, the service start at 0930, when we arrive, she arrived too.  My heart felt so heavy when I saw her casket.  I didn't look at her before the service cause I still not prepare for it.  However, I able to control my emotional during the service and even the last respect as I want to keep the best memory of her in my heart.

After the service, we went for the lunch that prepared by her sister, and during the lunch I knew that she passed away peacefully and without pain.  God Blessed Her.

I fly home at 1725, reached KK at 1800, today is really a tired and unforgettable day.

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6th March 2006, Monday

Oh Ya!!! QingQing got back on this day.  I was on leave for one day just to be able to meet my little one at the airport when she arrive from Sandakan.  I went for my facial and wash my hair in the morning, make sure I am in a good condition to see my girl, HAHAHA !

Then I pick her and my mother up at 3pm, wah! is really great and happy to see her, and I was so nervous while waiting for her to come out.  Luckily she still remember and want to to carry her....... Mmmmmmmm!!! She gained weight a bit and is taller. At last my little one is back home!!! Missed her so much!


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Kristy, this is specially for your view. Hope you like it.

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QingQing suppose to come back tomorrow according to the schedule, but mum called up today, said they extended their trip and will only be coming back on 6/3/2006 (Monday).

Wah!!!! Additional holiday for me, but...............  I do miss my little one lah!!!!

During this few days holiday, I did my facial, a full set of pedicure and medicure and also the most important treatment at the slimming center loh.


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Monday, 27th February 2006


QingQing followed her grandma (my mother) to Tawau for a 5D4N trip, they are attending my uncle 70th Birthday dinner.

After the arrival of QingQing, apart from my last year's Single Hong Kong trip and a business trip on January, this the 3rd time we are apart.

However, this is the first time that QingQing is away, left her father and me at home. That mean is time we catch up with a movie and a romantic dinner loh! HAHAHA!!

Oh, by the way, we tried the Atmopshere Restaurant, Yayasan Sabah just now. Emmmm...... environment was ok, but the turning was a bit rough, made my dizzy loh.  The food was ok, but a little bit expensive lah.  However, worth a try lah!!!! 

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This is my first blog after I registered onto Multiply.

Really glad to have more time now on the net as my girl already 13 months now, she is more independent now.

Hope to share more with your guys in the future.

Take care everyone and "PING ANN"!





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