17th April 2006

Just put QingQing into sleep 5 minute ago, now I'm at the hotel's free internet access corner.

The hotel location for this trip is not that perfect, but the facilities they provided was good, apart from the free internet access, they also have free laundry facility, we only need to by our own detergent. 

We booked for a twin room, but after the first night, during the house keeping, they provided us a sofa bed, maybe they noticed we got a baby in the room, warm right?!!

We can stay at this hotel only when we are travelling with a guy, because this location was polluted by those Chinese women that stand at the street (you known, standing at the street, looking for business??, hahaha!!).  So unless there are guys then we can stay at this hotel loh.

Obviously the rate for this hotel is cheaper than others hotels lah, because we came on a peak season, that why we stayed at this hotel this time.  However, apart for those standing women, every things is perfect!!



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