Sunday, 01/07/2007, Sunny

Went for my first check up yesterday, doctor said is a confirmed pregnancy and is in the right position. 

Anyway the heartbeat is still not clear, therefore I am returning for second check up 2 weeks later.

It is really a totally different feel compare to my first pregnancy.

I felt tire very easy, want to sleep and eat a lots [ I gain 2 kg in 2 weeks time ]

The weird taste inside my mouth never go away, and I finally experienced vomiting during my evening sickness!!!

My tummy is so big until my mum said : [Sam, are you having a twin this time ] One of my friend told me that normally we will get a bigger tummy on the second pregnancy because our skin got loosen during the first pregnancy.

I can't fit in my uniform already, got to look for maternity dress before my maternity uniform arrive.

I like all heavy taste food this time, like Sour Palm duck (requested my mum to cook for me); Burger King's Mushroom Swiss; Bitter chocolate, chocolate milk etc......


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