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星期一, 27/05/2013, 晴

正在考虑要不要重新上载那些不见了的相片, 打开空空的日记, 看得真不是滋味。。。。。。

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Friday, 11/05/2012, Sunny

I saw this beautiful story from Louis Pang's blog this morning.

Is so heartbreaking reading it especially as I am a mom of two now, I wanted so much to share this with all of you!!

Happy Mother Day to all mommy, love & appreciate our loved ones when we still can!


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星期六,11/07/2009, 大雨






这是由一个插画家写的,她说是她的经历, 满有意思的。






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星期三, 02、05、2007, 晴

这是我在KL时听到的一件真人真事,回到来后就急不及待和大家分享!batting eyelashes

话说有一天,我姨妈在她的MORNING WALK时遇到一个刚从西马搬过来的安娣,就礼貌的寒喧了一下,而这位安娣的女儿就是这件事的主角了。

这位女儿在西马是一名老师,当她接获通知要调职到SABAH来时,竟然哭了几天。。。 thinking 为什么啊??? 原来是为了 不知我们SABAH是个什么地方啊!!不知有没水,有没电哇!!!!

time out - New!  TIME OUT, TIME OUT!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!! OMG!!!! 有没搞错!!!!她是个老师耶,有没有知识啊!!!!不知不会上网看吗,不会查资料吗????surprise 但是她那可以不知呢???她是个老师啊!!!!难道现在的学校没教自己国家的地理知识的吗???frustrated

她是个大学生啊!!! 专业老师啊!!!竟然会有这样的反应!!!!怎样为人师表呢?????打死我也不会让我小孩给她教就对了。

如果她是个卖菜安娣可能还讲得通吧,但是卖菜安娣也未必会有这麽夸张的反应吧。。。 哭了几天!!!!angry火都来了!!!听说在KL是住在KLCC附近的勒。d'oh

还有就是那个阿妈,还好意思把女儿这麽丢人的事告诉别人 shame on you 真是有其母必有其女了!!!!not worthy 佩服, 佩服!!!!

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Wednesday, 25/04/2007, Rainy

Will be leaving fro KL tomorrow with Qing Qing, Qing Po Po and Qing Kakak for 7 days.  That make me will be absent from Multiply for a week oh sad

Wanted to bring my laptop with me, but we are not staying in a hotel this time, and my aunt place don't have any internet connection sigh

Qing Ba ask me to bring at least I can use it at the cafe oh.  I did think about it....... thinking that mean I got to carry my laptop, Qing's milk bag, my handbag without knowing whether I have the chance for a cup of coffee or not????? confused

After thinking and counting for 2 days at wits' end - New! my final decision is........ no laptop this trip!!!!!! crying

But...... to look for free online services when I am shopping around loh daydreaming - New!

To all my wouderful Multiplier gang, beautiful ladies..... take care and I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!! big hug


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Wednesday, 4/4/2007, Sunny

Thank you very much to Kristy, because of her blog (http://kristytsen.multiply.com) then I knew about fluoride.

I am really a failed mom, when I bought Qing's toothpaste, never border to read the instruction at the back of it, never study what is fluoride until I read Kristy's blog.

After I finish reading her blog, I run into my room, get into the bathroom, check on Qing's exciting Oral-B toothpaste........ OMG!!!!!!!   Is a fluoride toothpaste, got to use under adult's guidance, not to be swallow....... ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Qing Qing has been using it for the past 1 year....... and this mother take it for granted that all kid's toothpastes are safe for kids.

After read the instruction at the back of the toothpaste, I throw it into the rubbish bin, then rush out to buy a non-fluoride toothpaste for Qing.  I cannot recall which supermarket Kristy mentioned in her blog she got the non-fluoride toothpaste, called her at her handphone, but no reply.  So I got a non-fluoride toothpaste at RM25-70 which is made in USA from Guardian.

This morning when I reach office, the first thing I did is to call kristy at her office, we chatted for about 1/2 hour, so many to talk about, our girls, our family,our hubby and many many...... it was a great talk. She told me that she got the non-fluoride toothpaste from Giant Supermarket, Kolombong.

What a coincident, I went for a sale call at Inanam this afternoon, and I ended the sale call at around 5:30pm, yahoo!!!!! no need to go back to the office oh.   Went to Giant Supermarket after the sale call, got the non-fluoride toothpaste which is made in Malaysia, it cost only RM3-29, it even come with a toothbrush, I bought two sets, one for my house and one for mommy house.

I am now a little bit better mother for Qing Qing  and will continue to be a better mother for Qing Qing......... SALUTE TO YOU, KRISTY, THANK YOU AGAIN.

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Thursday, 29/30/2007, Sunny

My second part of A - Z dictionary, enjoy...........

N = NOKIA - My favorite hand-phone brand. I also tried other hand-phone brand, but I still find Nokia is the best user friendly and best second hand value compared with other brand.


O = OVERSEAS - I always wanted to experience overseas 生活, like study or working overseas.  Unfortunately, I never had a chance to do that, I always admired my friends that able to study overseas, some even have the opportunity to stay and work overseas.  Hope I will be given a chance to fulfill this dream.


P = PAPA (Father) - My Papa passed away 12 years ago, when I was 21 years old.  I missed him a lots, I regret that I never have a chance to be closer to him when he still around.  I remember once time (after my Papa passed away) I was shopping at Wisma Merdeka, suddenly I though I saw my Papa going up the escalator, with my basic instinct I go direct to him............... but some how I stopped halfway, when I realized that my Papa actually has passed away 2 months ago…………. and my tears drop. Anyway, I glad that at least he met my husband before he passed away, and he told me that he like him a lots and accepted our relationship at that time.


Q = QING QING - My favorite person in the whole wide world.  I am blessed with this little one as doctor did tell me that I am difficult to get pregnant.  Qing Qing is a gift from GOD, with her arrival to the family, our life has really changed a lots, Qing’s Popo life is now full of happiest and laughter because of her. 


R = RETIREMENT - I am planning to retire by the age of 40, latest by 45.  By the time, I will be sending Qing Qing to school, then 'yum chia' with my mom and friends, pick up Qing Qing from school, revision with her, do some cooking for the family, go for SPA, facial, shopping (hopefully by the time we will have more shopping places) and enjoying our life.


S = SPA - I always tell myself, apart from giving my girl the best thing, I must also treat myself the best thing, and SPA is one of my best thing that I gave to myself.  Too bad we don’t have many good SPA in KK, except for the Borneo Spa in Nexus and the one in Sutera Harbour Resort (but both of them are very expensive oh).  I tried SPA in Hong Kong, KL, JB and KK, the best is still the one in Hong Kong (is also the most expensive oh).


T = TRAVELLING - Because I never had a chance to stay aboard therefore I want to travel to as many places as I can in my life.  I love traveling so much as I can relax myself and see so many new things in others country.  I will not stop traveling unless I am not allowed to travel anymore.


U = UNIVERSITY - Like what I said on my O dictionary that I never had a chance to study aboard.  Therefore, I want to make sure I keep enough educational funds for Qing Qing further study aboard.  I want my girl to experience what her mother never experience before.


V = VITAGEN - Qing Qing favorite drink.  (Because I can’t think of anything under ‘V’ for myself, so I put Vitagen down).


W = WINTER - Winter is my favorite season in the four season.  Malaysia don’t have four season, so every time I plan my holiday I will choose to travel on winter season.  I like winter because of the cooling feel and the lovely white snow.  The best thing is don’t need to bring so many clothing as we don’t need to change clothing that often.


X = XO - During my maternity month, I can’t take the Chinese wine because it is too sour for me, and my cousin told my mom that I must take wine during this month, so my mom took out my Papa’s 25 years old XO, let me have it together with the chicken soup that she cooked for me.  Thank you for Papa’s that 2 bottle of 1L 25 years old XO, I recovered very fast from my maternity.


Y = YOKO YOKO - Yoko Yoko was introduced to me by my ex-colleague when we were having our job attachment at Sandakan for 3 months.  He said it is very good for back and neck ache, I tried once and got addicted to it now, always keep one bottle at home for emergency.


Z = zzzZZzZzZZzZzz - Apart from Jigsaw Puzzle, zzzzzZZZZzzzZzzZz (sleeping) is my next favorite hobby.  Before I have Qing Qing, I can really sleep during weekend and holiday oh.  But no more ‘this little song to sing’ loh, my sleeping time is all depend on her now.  However, I still enjoy my afternoon nap with Qing Qing on every weekend and holiday ah!!!!

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Wednesday, 28/3/2007, Sunny

After reading Vivian's A-Z Dictionary, made me want to have mine A-Z dictionary too, here is the first part of my dictionary (A-M).

A = ALONE  - There is sometime that I wanted to be alone, having some private time to myself, that the reason why I like traveling alone once in a year (if possible). 


B = BOOKS  I love books a lots, not only reading them but also keeping them as one of my collection. I like Hong Kong writer’s novel and Japanese comic especially. I kept a collection of my favorite Japanese comic at my mom’s place and the Hong Kong writers’ novel at my own place.  My latest collection is traveling guide books, such as Japan, details in Tokyo, Kansai, etc, and now I am looking for guide for Finland, cannot believe that I managed to get one from Popular, CPS, KK.


C = COCA COLA  - My favorite drink in the world, I can drink Coke as my daily liquid supply, that why ‘kena marah’ by everyone that know me well. Heeheehee!!!! My uncle even emailed me the defect of Coca Cola, like it can clean old rusty nut, dirty toilet ball……. But it still will not stop me from drinking it, only reduce the daily consumption loh.


D = DISNEY - My all time favorite theme park in the world and my next target is to visit the Disney World in Orlando. 


E = EAT EAT EAT  - I always think that eating is the one of the most important thing that we enjoy in our life.  I like to try new foods, new restaurants in town, but sometimes before we try the new restaurant it already got closed down, too bad.  Every time I go holiday, sure I will check out their local foods, because people by trying their local foods is the best way to know their culture.


F = FRIENDS  - Friends, is my favorite sitcom for the past ten years, I even kept the whole VCD collection.  I love to watch those funny things that happens around six of them, but the best part is the close relationship of them, I always wish to have such close friend in my life.


G = GARFIELD  - My favorite canton character, I love how bad is he, how he enjoy foods and sleep, and how he bully his friend, Odie.  But only thing that I don’t understand is why he hates Monday so much? He is not working, not schooling, why Monday will border him?



H = HONG KONG - My all time favorite Holiday place, I enjoy everything in Hong Kong, the foods, the shopping, the convenient public transport system, the hotels, etc.  That why I will always find a reason (if cannot find one, then will make up one) to visit Hong Kong once in a year.


I = IKEA - Always like to shop at Ikea, too bad KK don’t have one.  Like to get ideas from their catalog, like to look for those small little items to decorate my small private space (my room).


J = JIGSAW PUZZLE - Jigsaw puzzle is the only hobby that I maintained till now since 1986.  My first jigsaw puzzle is a 500 pieces Japanese Palace picture, and it was a present from my dad.  The largest one I ever had is a 4000 pieces mountain scenery picture, which was a challenge from Paul (Qing’s dad) and the fastest time I completed a 1000 pieces puzzle is within 45 minutes.


K = KIT KAT - The best snack in the world.  I love Kit Kat because of the combination of waffle and chocolate, and also the design, simple and easy to enjoy it.  I found that every country have their special Kit Kat edition, I ever had a Mint edition from Australia, Kansai edition from Kyoto and 栗子 edition from Japan.


L = LOUIS VUITTON - My first branded bag is Louis Vuitton and I being a big fan since then……… but I stop buying expensive LV lately, and turn my aim to Gucci and LeSportsac.  Anyway, LV stills my favorite bag collection brand.


M = MONEY - Simple reason to have this in my dictionary……… a thing which is not impossible and without it is impossible, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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星期日, 25、3、2007, 晴

相信当讲到价值观时, 每个人的观点都会不一样哦。就是说我认为值得的东西,别人就会认为是浪费,而别人认为应该的费用,我会认为没必要花的啊!其实价值观这种东西真的很灰的啦!为什么我会突然会想到价值观这种东西呢?就是因为我的包包啦。

今天下午我把我所以的包包全拿出来整理和透透气, 当我把所有包包排好在房里时, 站在旁边望着我的宝贝们时, 突然觉得我的价值观方向对吗? 在我把我的包包一一收好, 按着品牌放回他们的储存袋时,我的脑袋一直在想着价值观的这个问题。。。。。。。。。

记得我有个同事在我每次出门旅游的时候总爱都我说:'阿SAM,你就好啦,那麽有钱, 每次都有的去HOLIDAY。 我就没用啦, 我的钱都拿来买保险了。'  单单从这段活就可以知道每个人的价值观点是不同的啦!我并不是很有钱, 而是我把我的钱都用来旅行了, 而不是拿来还保险而已。

其实我们的价值观会随着我们的成长和环境变化而改变的。虽然我现在还是会去旅行, 还是会买包包, 但是我的价值观就不同了。旅行的费用会好好的安排, 买包包的钱也会跟着预算买了。

以前的我不会投资,因为职务的调动让我认识了基金投资,以前我的储蓄都在银行拿利息, 但是回报当然没基金投资高啦,所以我的价值观也改变了, 拿了点储蓄来买基金投资了。

也是因为职务的调动, 我对保险的认知就比以前更深了, 原来在银行买投资保险比和市场保险经纪买划算的多哦!所以我就算已为晴儿买了一份投资保险, 我还是在我们银行买多一份保险给晴儿啊! 


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星期日, 4、3、2007 晴

新年前在午餐时间到WISMA MERDEKA吃饭,突然眼前出现这样东西哦!


是双面用的魔方贴纸, 因为之前买的那两张是妈咪在香港买的, 没想到亚庇在一个月后就有的卖了, 价钱还和香港差不多, 真的好兴奋啦!


它所谓的双面用的意思就是贴纸可以贴在玻璃里面或外面哦, 而且还可以重复使用, 耐冷兼耐热还防水呐, 所以才叫魔方贴纸罗!



这是晴儿的衣柜, 本来平平无奇的玻璃面, 贴上了魔方贴纸后就变得很好看了。





 我在两个地方看到这种魔方贴纸, WISMA MERDEKA, 第二期三楼的一间书店, 它卖RM4-90, 但是DESIGN较多。  另一家是在SEGAMA, BK那排, 它就卖RM3-90, DESIGN也较少了。

还有一种贴纸要和大家分享的, 一样是耐水, 耐热和可以重复使用, 只是不是双面用而已。

嘻嘻嘻, 可爱吧!  贴在马桶盖上, 然后当你把坐板拿起时, 那贴纸就刚刚在那洞洞里跑出来啦!

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星期六, 3、3、2007, 晴

自结婚以来, 每年华人新年我都会买桃花回家布置摆放, 因为我好喜欢它那一粒粒白白毛毛的感觉, 还有它那黑白配的颜色。

今年当然也不例外啦, 在和生园买的, 花蕾还很大粒呢!  在吊上在WISMA MERDEKA买的红包吊饰,就更加漂亮了。

每年买桃花来摆放当然没想过要有桃花运啦, 但是今年就特别想要有桃花运了!  不过不是想有人追啦, 而是想有很多的客人啦!

所谓的客人就是我在工作上的客人哦, 因为现在我的工作岗位是有SALES TARGET的, 也就是说我必须要有很多的客户才能维持我的SALES FIGURE啊,不然只靠那几个人那能维持呢。所以如果我有桃花运的话, 那客户就会客似云来啦!

就想明星一样哦, 有桃花运就是有观众缘吖!刘嘉玲也是这样讲的勒!那我就在这祝所有人都有个好桃花运哦!  每伴侣的今年有著落, 作生意的, 和想我一样有SALES TARGET的就会客似云来, SALES FIGURE一个月比一个月高。  但是结了婚的就千万不要有坏桃花啦!

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星期五, 2、3、2007, 晴

今晚好开心, 香港的表妹今晚开刀把女儿拿出来, 因为婴孩在肚里被脐带环颈, 所以要开刀了。  刚刚接到妈咪的电话, 说表妹母女平安, 重7个多磅, 头发还很多呢!

很多人说女人生小孩的时候, 就像玩命一样, 生死只是一线之差。 记得两, 三年前, 在一家本地妇产诊所有个孕妇因为难产,母子失救而双双去世。  所以说女人真的是个好伟大的动物吧!

这次表妹母女平安真的是很开心, 因为这是她的第二胎,但是第一个孩子。 而她的第一个胎儿在怀胎两个月时, 由于婴孩没了心跳而必须把婴孩拿掉。  我有个朋友也有着相同的情形, 而至今天她还没有心理准备再怀孕呢。  根据医生的说法, 这样的情形现在是很常有的, 因为母亲的压力情况, 生活环境都是很大的因素, 其中一种现代城市病。

所以当女人怀孕时尽量保持心情放松, 注意生活环境的健康指数, 来保护自己的婴孩哦!

在这愿所有的准妈妈们个个都开开心心, 平平安安的来迎接孩子的来临!

Baby Bonds


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星期六, 17/02/2007,  晴

我们在此祝大家新年快乐, 心想事成, 万事如意, 出入平安, 一团和气!


p/s, 晴爸这趟香港行没去, 所以就由晴妈带晴儿和大家拜年吧!


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Some of the things that I would like to share with all of you which I took during Hong Kong trip.

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星期二, 02/01/2007, 晴

昨晚晴爸心血來潮, 搞了個小小的BBQ, 叫了几個close friends and relatives來聚會.

我不會煮大魚大菜, 最拿手的就是派對沙拉.  有到過我家派對的朋友都有吃過我的沙拉了.  其實我的派對沙拉就是水果沙拉啦, 特別是在於拌醬而以.


苹果, 葡萄, 梨, 柑 - 切粒備用; 蛋 - Hard boiled, 然後只把蛋白切粒備用.



蛋黃醬 (Mayonnaise), 甜牛奶 (Condensed Milk), 壓碎蛋黃.


把所有拌醬材料拌均勻后, 再加入材料搞拌就行了.






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Monday, 01/01/2007, Sunny


Peace in our HEART;  Health in our BODY;

Wealth in our LIFE;  Joy in our HOME.

May our family, friends and relatives always be blessed with these priceless treasures!!!!!!



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Thursday, 28/12/2006, Rainy

Today I went for my breast ultrasound at Dr Kissey..........

After the ultrasound, Doctor found out that there is a 1cm small lump in my right breast ...... he said this lump called FIBROADENOMA.

Fibroadenoma of Breast

General Description Fibroadenomas are the most common benign tumors of the female breast.  They develop at any age but are more common in young women, often teenagers, and are mistaken for cancer.  They may be excised but frequently recur.


Nearly 90% of breast masses in women are the result of benign lesions and are usually fibroadenomas in women in their 20s or 30s.

Clinical Signs

- Palpable mass for young women, feels like small, slipper marbles .

- Mammography density for older women.

- Mass is more circumscribed and mobile than carcinoma.


- Unknown cause; possibly due to increased fat consumption.

- Composed of BOTH fibrous and glandular tissue.

- More frequent occurrence in upper outer quadrant of breast.

- Can grow as a spherical nodule to a size from <1cm to 10-15cms. 

- Fibroadenomas are hormonally responsive - increases in size may

  occur during late phases of the menstrual cycle


- Well-circumscribed by CT (can see presence of both basement

  membrane AND myoepithelial cells).

- Composed of 2 parts: 1) delicate cellular fibroblastic stroma

  resembling stroma of intralobular tissue; 2) glandular/cystic

  spaces lined by epithelium and enclosed by stromal component.

According to the Doctor, this is not a cancerous lump, and there are two choice for me.

1) Do an annually check up on the lump and monitor closely on it development; else

2) Can go for an operation (which is not recommend).

Soooooooo...... I think I will do an annually check up and monitor the lump at this moment, if there is a sign of growing big, then maybe I will consider an operation loh!


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Always wanted to try chocolate fountain, this is the first time I have it. Cool!!!!
Chocolate was ok, not that sweet!

We went a X'mas buffet dinner at Hyatt on 25/12/2006. They have chocolate fountain this year, and the snow house decoration were so nice. Take a look!

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Thursday, 16/77/2006, Rainy


Wishing everybody a wonderful weekend in a wonderful WORLD!!!!



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