Thursday, 28/12/2006, Rainy

Today I went for my breast ultrasound at Dr Kissey..........

After the ultrasound, Doctor found out that there is a 1cm small lump in my right breast ...... he said this lump called FIBROADENOMA.

Fibroadenoma of Breast

General DescriptionFibroadenomas are the most common benign tumors of the female breast.  They develop at any age but are more common in young women, often teenagers, and are mistaken for cancer.  They may be excised but frequently recur.


Nearly 90% of breast masses in women are the result of benign lesions and are usually fibroadenomas in women in their 20s or 30s.

Clinical Signs

- Palpable mass for young women, feels like small, slipper marbles.

- Mammography density for older women.

- Mass is more circumscribed and mobile than carcinoma.


- Unknown cause; possibly due to increased fat consumption.

- Composed of BOTH fibrous and glandular tissue.

- More frequent occurrence in upper outer quadrant of breast.

- Can grow as a spherical nodule to a size from <1cm to 10-15cms. 

- Fibroadenomas are hormonally responsive - increases in size may

  occur during late phases of the menstrual cycle


- Well-circumscribed by CT (can see presence of both basement

  membrane AND myoepithelial cells).

- Composed of 2 parts: 1) delicate cellular fibroblastic stroma

  resembling stroma of intralobular tissue; 2) glandular/cystic

  spaces lined by epithelium and enclosed by stromal component.

According to the Doctor, this is not a cancerous lump, and there are two choice for me.

1) Do an annually check up on the lump and monitor closely on it development; else

2) Can go for an operation (which is not recommend).

Soooooooo...... I think I will do an annually check up and monitor the lump at this moment, if there is a sign of growing big, then maybe I will consider an operation loh!



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