28 August 2006 (Monday)

It has been a long time after the excitement of Qing Qing calling me Mama. 

Really was busy with work and QingQing for the past month, cos Qing's Daddy was outstation for 14 days.  And I'm all packed and back to mom house for two weeks.  Mom's place got computer but only for her to play solitaire not internet, so I can't get online for two weeks.

After Qing's Daddy came back, I am busy with the planning my next trip with mom and QingQing.  Was busy surfing on net for the arrangement of accommodation and checking on the attractions of the places.

Just managed to complete all our accommodation arrangement today.  Suddenly I thought of my multiply home.  However, will only able to post more QingQing photo after I recharge my digital camera later.  Malas to charge today.

Will update everyone when I confirm with our next family trip. Take care everyone.







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