Monday, 27th February 2006


QingQing followed her grandma (my mother) to Tawau for a 5D4N trip, they are attending my uncle 70th Birthday dinner.

After the arrival of QingQing, apart from my last year's Single Hong Kong trip and a business trip on January, this the 3rd time we are apart.

However, this is the first time that QingQing is away, left her father and me at home. That mean is time we catch up with a movie and a romantic dinner loh! HAHAHA!!

Oh, by the way, we tried the Atmopshere Restaurant, Yayasan Sabah just now. Emmmm...... environment was ok, but the turning was a bit rough, made my dizzy loh.  The food was ok, but a little bit expensive lah.  However, worth a try lah!!!! 


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