Friday, 31/08/2012, National Day, Sunny

That day Jen Jen passed me this little sheet of paper & told me that she need to prepare these 3 items for her class.........

I have only 2 one day to look for it.......... 1) Toy cat, shoud be ok, 2) Toy ant?? A bit hard oh, 3) Ink, no problem!!

But due to heavy workload of the day, I forgot about it till Mr Chung call me in the evening then I realized I didn't get anything for Jen Jen project.

I rushed home that night, grabbed a quick dinner & we went to Karamunsing to search for this three items........ We are lucky that we managed to find the toy cat (hahaha, although not that toy) & ink for the project, toy ant really cannot find, so ended up a DIY ant is here!

Hahaha..... Not bad oh, mommy brand homemade clay toy ant for her to bring it to the school!!

When I asked Jen Jen did her teacher mention anything about the ant, she said teacher said very nice, well...... Ok wow!!!!


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