Friday, 31/08/2012, National Day, Sunny

This is my favorite corner at home after the renovation!

I start to look for a nice glass panel cabinet even since we renovate our house, saw few cabinets around KK, but is either price range has exceeded my budget or the design doesn't suite my requirement.

Until I saw this full glass panel cabinet that come with lock really accommodated all my required needs, not to mention the price, is where below what I expected, wow!!!

After putting this cabinet to it designated place, there are still a small area that can fit in another single column open cabinet, so the second cabinet came in and here my favorite corner!!

The full glass panel cabinet is the place to keep my 3D puzzle figures, my Starbucks tumbler collections, Qing & Jen trophies & medals & some seldom used lunch boxes & popcorn bin.

The single column has my 老夫子, keychain collections & the last two cubes are for the girls to kept their activities bags.

So..... this is my favorite corner, nice!!


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