Friday, 21/09/2007, Sunny

5 months 2 days pregnant.


Went for check up this morning, though I can know baby's sex by then, by unfortunately maybe because of too many fat in my tummy, doctor said still unable to see the sex yet.

I have been thinking of name for our new baby, most of the name that I think of is for baby girl, because is easier to think of............ Although I though of a few boy's name, by Qing Ba said they are not bright enough like Qing's name.  Sooooo...... I will only think of the name until I confirm the baby's sex

Hmmmm....... maybe you all can give us some suggestion on the baby's name oh

Anyway...... according to the doctor, the baby is doing very well........

Got to go now, take care dear friend and keep in touch.


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