Tuesday, 19/09/2007, Rainy

5 months pregnant.

It has been a long time after my last blog, missed everyone so much.

My morning sickness got over after my three months pregnant, what left with me is the funny taste in my mouth, this make me become very choosy with my foods  I can't have fried foods but lucky I still can eat KFC

Qing Qing is looking forward to her little baby to arrive, she has been saying Good Morning and Good Night to our baby everyday and night.

She said she want to bring baby to Disneyland, Hong Kong next year, and she will carry her during the trip because baby will scare of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, she make sure baby is in her good care, as she is the big sister of the little baby 

We are looking forward to the arrival of the new member whom everyone is asking me whether is a girl or a boy.........

Hmmmm...... don't know yet, going for my check up this weekend, is can know by then sure will let everybody know oh

Will try to update everyone's blog slowly as I am doing better now, take care everybody and miss you all much


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