Saturday, 28/07/2007, Rainy

Ten days have passed after my last log in.

I wanted to log in every-time, but my body just can't make it, I was stop by my evening sickness

I got better today, but the vomiting is still around once in a while

I finally cancelled all my Japan's hotel booking just now........  My Japan trip confirmed to be postpone until 2009 liao........

The worst thing is my maid left on 18/07/2007, one day before my birthday, because she confirmed to be a TB carrier!!!!!!!

We got no choice but to send her back to her kampung, and now we are looking for a replacement up and down.........

Qing has been a good girl after her kakak left, looks like she understand that we don't have any helper at the moment, she is such an Angel.

Wanted to update Qing's growing summary but I think I can only do it later.

So....... at the mean time, TAKE CARE ALL MY FRIENDS!!!


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