Wednesday, 25/04/2007, Rainy

Will be leaving fro KL tomorrow with Qing Qing, Qing Po Po and Qing Kakak for 7 days.  That make me will be absent from Multiply for a week oh sad

Wanted to bring my laptop with me, but we are not staying in a hotel this time, and my aunt place don't have any internet connection sigh

Qing Ba ask me to bring at least I can use it at the cafe oh.  I did think about it....... thinking that mean I got to carry my laptop, Qing's milk bag, my handbag without knowing whether I have the chance for a cup of coffee or not????? confused

After thinking and counting for 2 days at wits' end - New! my final decision is........ no laptop this trip!!!!!! crying

But...... to look for free online services when I am shopping around loh daydreaming - New!

To all my wouderful Multiplier gang, beautiful ladies..... take care and I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!! big hug



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