Wednesday, 4/4/2007, Sunny

Thank you very much to Kristy, because of her blog ( then I knew about fluoride.

I am really a failed mom, when I bought Qing's toothpaste, never border to read the instruction at the back of it, never study what is fluoride until I read Kristy's blog.

After I finish reading her blog, I run into my room, get into the bathroom, check on Qing's exciting Oral-B toothpaste........ OMG!!!!!!!   Is a fluoride toothpaste, got to use under adult's guidance, not to be swallow....... ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Qing Qing has been using it for the past 1 year....... and this mother take it for granted that all kid's toothpastes are safe for kids.

After read the instruction at the back of the toothpaste, I throw it into the rubbish bin, then rush out to buy a non-fluoride toothpaste for Qing.  I cannot recall which supermarket Kristy mentioned in her blog she got the non-fluoride toothpaste, called her at her handphone, but no reply.  So I got a non-fluoride toothpaste at RM25-70 which is made in USA from Guardian.

This morning when I reach office, the first thing I did is to call kristy at her office, we chatted for about 1/2 hour, so many to talk about, our girls, our family,our hubby and many many...... it was a great talk. She told me that she got the non-fluoride toothpaste from Giant Supermarket, Kolombong.

What a coincident, I went for a sale call at Inanam this afternoon, and I ended the sale call at around 5:30pm, yahoo!!!!! no need to go back to the office oh.   Went to Giant Supermarket after the sale call, got the non-fluoride toothpaste which is made in Malaysia, it cost only RM3-29, it even come with a toothbrush, I bought two sets, one for my house and one for mommy house.

I am now a little bit better mother for Qing Qing  and will continue to be a better mother for Qing Qing......... SALUTE TO YOU, KRISTY, THANK YOU AGAIN.


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