I just got out from Chia Yen's Site, I found this from her blog, it was really interesting... (Map shown beside).

According to the map, I only covered 6% of the world for the past 10 years, but if looking into my $$$, seen that I have spent a lots on my travelling .

When I am on leave for my travelling, my colleague always say to me "so good ah you, go holiday and travelling again. We cannot afford loh, it so expensive to travel".

I hate it when I heard them saying this, I didn't ask for money from them when I go holiday, is their choice for not going holiday mah.  Is a different point of view and value of money between me and them loh, are the grapes really sour when you can't have it?

I willing to spend for holiday and travelling, because is the best way to release stress and increase my life experience.  I think all of you agree with me lah!

The 14 countries that I have been to for the past 10 years are China, Korea, UK, Belgium, Holland, French, Australia, Mexico (border only lah), Canada, US, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia (hahaha, cheat a bit loh), Japan (going to).


To be continue............




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