01/09/2006 (Friday, Rainy day)

Finally we have decided the destination for our 2006 Family Trip, is JAPAN.  A country I'm been wanted to go since 1999, at last..... after 7 years, my dream come true.  I am going to Tokyo, oh not only that, am also going to Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka.  I am so excited.   

At first we were planning to go Hong Kong on December, cos wanted to let QingQing see their X'mas light decoration, but after a detail calculation the cost incur is about 2/3  for the cost of Japan Trip.  So Japan is deal. YAHOO!!!!!

Was so busy surfing on net for the hotel reservation.  Because we need the hotel confirmation slip to apply for the Japan Visitor's Visa.  As we are going to 4 places, Searching of the hotel was really headache.  All hotel reservation has confirm yesterday.  And now is time to prepare for the visa application.

Hope the application will be approve by the Japan Consulate loh.

TO BE CONTINUE..................




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