7 April 2006

Arrived KL last nite and managed to do my last minute shopping at KLCC as we arrived KLCC at 0845 loh.

I am now at my training centre at Uni Asia General building, using their internet system for surfing loh.

Yahoo!!!! After this training session, I will be taking the KMT back to our Old Klang's house (hope I can find the station and will not miss the stop station loh).  Cause never go on a KMT in KL, but travel so freely at Hong Kong LRT loh!!!! HaHaHa (Si oi man)!!!!

After separated for 10 days, I missed QingQing so much, going to see her tonite, wah!!!! So excited loh!!! Like what the chinese said : "Separated for a short period, will be better and happier for new marriage", and this also apply for mother and daughter oh!

Oh! training starting soon, so got to go loh........


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