11th March 2006, Saturday

Today I wake up at 0550, cause I need to catch the 0700 flight to Sandakan to attend one of my close friend's funeral.  She is Stella, my workmate that suffered from cancer.  She passed away on 8/3/2006 in the evening at KL, her brother's house peacefully.

Seven of us from KK flow to Sandakan this morning.  After we reached Sandakan, we went for breakfast before we go to church.  We arrived the church at 0900, the service start at 0930, when we arrive, she arrived too.  My heart felt so heavy when I saw her casket.  I didn't look at her before the service cause I still not prepare for it.  However, I able to control my emotional during the service and even the last respect as I want to keep the best memory of her in my heart.

After the service, we went for the lunch that prepared by her sister, and during the lunch I knew that she passed away peacefully and without pain.  God Blessed Her.

I fly home at 1725, reached KK at 1800, today is really a tired and unforgettable day.


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