Thursday, 29/30/2007, Sunny

My second part of A - Z dictionary, enjoy...........

N = NOKIA - My favorite hand-phone brand. I also tried other hand-phone brand, but I still find Nokia is the best user friendly and best second hand value compared with other brand.


O = OVERSEAS - I always wanted to experience overseas 生活, like study or working overseas.  Unfortunately, I never had a chance to do that, I always admired my friends that able to study overseas, some even have the opportunity to stay and work overseas.  Hope I will be given a chance to fulfill this dream.


P = PAPA (Father) - My Papa passed away 12 years ago, when I was 21 years old.  I missed him a lots, I regret that I never have a chance to be closer to him when he still around.  I remember once time (after my Papa passed away) I was shopping at Wisma Merdeka, suddenly I though I saw my Papa going up the escalator, with my basic instinct I go direct to him............... but some how I stopped halfway, when I realized that my Papa actually has passed away 2 months ago…………. and my tears drop. Anyway, I glad that at least he met my husband before he passed away, and he told me that he like him a lots and accepted our relationship at that time.


Q = QING QING - My favorite person in the whole wide world.  I am blessed with this little one as doctor did tell me that I am difficult to get pregnant.  Qing Qing is a gift from GOD, with her arrival to the family, our life has really changed a lots, Qing’s Popo life is now full of happiest and laughter because of her. 


R = RETIREMENT - I am planning to retire by the age of 40, latest by 45.  By the time, I will be sending Qing Qing to school, then 'yum chia' with my mom and friends, pick up Qing Qing from school, revision with her, do some cooking for the family, go for SPA, facial, shopping (hopefully by the time we will have more shopping places) and enjoying our life.


S = SPA - I always tell myself, apart from giving my girl the best thing, I must also treat myself the best thing, and SPA is one of my best thing that I gave to myself.  Too bad we don’t have many good SPA in KK, except for the Borneo Spa in Nexus and the one in Sutera Harbour Resort (but both of them are very expensive oh).  I tried SPA in Hong Kong, KL, JB and KK, the best is still the one in Hong Kong (is also the most expensive oh).


T = TRAVELLING - Because I never had a chance to stay aboard therefore I want to travel to as many places as I can in my life.  I love traveling so much as I can relax myself and see so many new things in others country.  I will not stop traveling unless I am not allowed to travel anymore.


U = UNIVERSITY - Like what I said on my O dictionary that I never had a chance to study aboard.  Therefore, I want to make sure I keep enough educational funds for Qing Qing further study aboard.  I want my girl to experience what her mother never experience before.


V = VITAGEN - Qing Qing favorite drink.  (Because I can’t think of anything under ‘V’ for myself, so I put Vitagen down).


W = WINTER - Winter is my favorite season in the four season.  Malaysia don’t have four season, so every time I plan my holiday I will choose to travel on winter season.  I like winter because of the cooling feel and the lovely white snow.  The best thing is don’t need to bring so many clothing as we don’t need to change clothing that often.


X = XO - During my maternity month, I can’t take the Chinese wine because it is too sour for me, and my cousin told my mom that I must take wine during this month, so my mom took out my Papa’s 25 years old XO, let me have it together with the chicken soup that she cooked for me.  Thank you for Papa’s that 2 bottle of 1L 25 years old XO, I recovered very fast from my maternity.


Y = YOKO YOKO - Yoko Yoko was introduced to me by my ex-colleague when we were having our job attachment at Sandakan for 3 months.  He said it is very good for back and neck ache, I tried once and got addicted to it now, always keep one bottle at home for emergency.


Z = zzzZZzZzZZzZzz - Apart from Jigsaw Puzzle, zzzzzZZZZzzzZzzZz (sleeping) is my next favorite hobby.  Before I have Qing Qing, I can really sleep during weekend and holiday oh.  But no more ‘this little song to sing’ loh, my sleeping time is all depend on her now.  However, I still enjoy my afternoon nap with Qing Qing on every weekend and holiday ah!!!!


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