28 June 2006 (Wednesday)

QingQing is 17 months old already, she know how to call 'Daddy', 'Nenek', 'Popo' and even know how to call 'Kakak', but she just don't want to call me 'mommy'.

I felt so down for the past few days, QingQing just don't want to call me, although she stick to me a lot more then to her daddy, and when we ask her where's mommy, she also know where am I, but just don't want to call me.

My aunt told me that, the one that she call first will have a bitter life then the one she call later.  Maybe QingQing want me to have a better life then I am the last one she want to call loh!, Hahaha! Just try to please myself.

Trying hard to let her call me, hope my next blog will be QingQing finally call me Mommy!!!




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