31 May 2006

Here come our Harvest Festival holiday again.  This year we decided to bring QingQing to a 2D/1N Rasa Ria Shangri-la Resort holiday.

Both of us never stay there before, this is the first time we stay at Rasa Ria, the room was great and big, and our room was located on the ground floor, which mean we can walk out to the beach directly from the glass door at the end of the room. (But the room was located at the last block of the resort, it was so far from the lobby loh).

Is the first time for QingQing to try out in a swimming pool and also to the beach, she was a bit scare of the water at first, after a few trial out by me and her father, finally she started to enjoy the pool by her own.

After the fun playing at the pool, we brought QingQing to the beach for a small boat ride, maybe the sea was too big compare to the pool, at last QingQing didn't enjoy the beach as much as the sea loh.

Maybe we are really getting older, after the pool and the beach activities, both of us were so tired and hungry.  We go for a quick shower and drive out to Gayang for a wonderful seafood dinner. After the dinner, drive back to the resort again, we think after the whole day activities, QingQing will go to bed early lah, but she ended up on bed only after 10:30pm. Aiya!! What a pair of poor parent, both our eyes cannot open already, but she still can run around the room, ohhhhh!!!!

Although it a good holiday, but QingQing ended up with a cold today, I heard her breathing quite loudly last nite during her sleep, I already knew that she's going to catch a cold. Am I so good for a mom, she got a running nose this morning, bingo!! (This is not a good bingo)!!

Given her the medical right after we reach home, and now she is having a good sleep, hope her will get better after her sleep.

However, overall speaking, this is a great holiday for three of us, because this is the first holiday for us, the whole family.  What I meant is the Paul Chung's family, me, QingQing and Paul. We plan to do this every harvest festival holiday, maybe next year we will go Nexus, by the time I hope I will have time to do spa loh!!!

Photo 1 : View of the resort's room

Photo 2 : QingQing with her new swimming suit inside the pool

Photo 3 : QingQing with daddy the the beach.


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