14 June 2006 (Tuesday) - 18 June 2006 (Saturday)

Uncle Philip is finally for a 5 days, 4 nights holiday since QingQing birth. 

Tonight is the first time QingQing met Uncle Philip, maybe there are blood related loh, she just felt the connection with Uncle Philip.

QingQing enjoyed the time with Uncle Philip, and Uncle Philip also love to be with her, and he just like telling QingQing that she is so busy, who pay her salary to do so much things. Hahaha!!

It was a short trip for Uncle Philip, so we are planning to make a trip to Singapore in the near future.  Silk Air is offering around RM650++ to Singapore, maybe we can make it for the Singapore Great Sales.

Below are the photo that I managed to take for QingQing and Uncle Philip, but the little one just don't want to take photo with Uncle Philip alone, aiya!!!



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