23 May 2006 (Tuesday)

It is a late blog for my Disneyland visit, because I was too tired after the trip, work has been busy after the long holiday, today mom ask me to check seat for her on AirAsia, then I have the time to write down somethings here.

As before our visit to Hong Kong DisneyLand, I had prepared myself for a smaller park then the two that I visited before, the LA and the Paris one.  Due to low expectation, I was really satisfied with this time visit to DisneyLand, Hong Kong.

The parade was great, QingQing and I did enjoy it, and the workers were ok, gifts were not that expensive, but the photo taking was a little bit expensive loh. And the food and beverage were expensive as the put up the price for the Ester holiday.

Overall the visiting was great for me and QingQing, and the park is having a promotion for tourist now till September 2006.  When we purchase the park ticket from their travel agent, we will received gift from the park loh.

For me, i think is worth going to Hong Kong DisneyLand if we never visit a DisneyLand before, for the shorter flying time for us and cheaper entrance compare to others DisneyLand, like LA and Paris one loh.

(Photo 1, Mickey and Minnie at the Parade)

(Photo 2, Photo in front of Mickey logo at night)

(Photo 3, Snow White in person)



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