The shopping for this trip was difficult compare to previous trip, because QingQing can walk now, she just don't want to sit too long inside her tram, that mean we got to carry her or let her walk by her own. 

Although she like to walk but is even worst then she can't walk, because she will not follow when we walk, she will want to walk by her way, so.............. chasing her is also one of our great joy.

Luckily, six of us came, at least we can take turn on taking care of her, then the rest can do their shopping loh.

But things are not cheap for this trip, because summer just started over here, so all summer clothing that suite us are all under normal price, not discount or sale.

Ok, then I made up my mind, make another trip to Hong Kong again on this coming October, because there will be sale on summer clothing, Hahaha!!!!


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