Wednesday, 28/3/2007, Sunny

After reading Vivian's A-Z Dictionary, made me want to have mine A-Z dictionary too, here is the first part of my dictionary (A-M).

A = ALONE  - There is sometime that I wanted to be alone, having some private time to myself, that the reason why I like traveling alone once in a year (if possible). 


B = BOOKS I love books a lots, not only reading them but also keeping them as one of my collection. I like Hong Kong writer’s novel and Japanese comic especially. I kept a collection of my favorite Japanese comic at my mom’s place and the Hong Kong writers’ novel at my own place.  My latest collection is traveling guide books, such as Japan, details in Tokyo, Kansai, etc, and now I am looking for guide for Finland, cannot believe that I managed to get one from Popular, CPS, KK.


C = COCA COLA  - My favorite drink in the world, I can drink Coke as my daily liquid supply, that why ‘kena marah’ by everyone that know me well. Heeheehee!!!! My uncle even emailed me the defect of Coca Cola, like it can clean old rusty nut, dirty toilet ball……. But it still will not stop me from drinking it, only reduce the daily consumption loh.


D = DISNEY - My all time favorite theme park in the world and my next target is to visit the Disney World in Orlando. 


E = EAT EAT EAT  - I always think that eating is the one of the most important thing that we enjoy in our life.  I like to try new foods, new restaurants in town, but sometimes before we try the new restaurant it already got closed down, too bad.  Every time I go holiday, sure I will check out their local foods, because people by trying their local foods is the best way to know their culture.


F = FRIENDS  - Friends, is my favorite sitcom for the past ten years, I even kept the whole VCD collection.  I love to watch those funny things that happens around six of them, but the best part is the close relationship of them, I always wish to have such close friend in my life.


G = GARFIELD  - My favorite canton character, I love how bad is he, how he enjoy foods and sleep, and how he bully his friend, Odie.  But only thing that I don’t understand is why he hates Monday so much? He is not working, not schooling, why Monday will border him?



H = HONG KONG - My all time favorite Holiday place, I enjoy everything in Hong Kong, the foods, the shopping, the convenient public transport system, the hotels, etc.  That why I will always find a reason (if cannot find one, then will make up one) to visit Hong Kong once in a year.


I = IKEA - Always like to shop at Ikea, too bad KK don’t have one.  Like to get ideas from their catalog, like to look for those small little items to decorate my small private space (my room).


J = JIGSAW PUZZLE - Jigsaw puzzle is the only hobby that I maintained till now since 1986.  My first jigsaw puzzle is a 500 pieces Japanese Palace picture, and it was a present from my dad.  The largest one I ever had is a 4000 pieces mountain scenery picture, which was a challenge from Paul (Qing’s dad) and the fastest time I completed a 1000 pieces puzzle is within 45 minutes.


K = KIT KAT - The best snack in the world.  I love Kit Kat because of the combination of waffle and chocolate, and also the design, simple and easy to enjoy it.  I found that every country have their special Kit Kat edition, I ever had a Mint edition from Australia, Kansai edition from Kyoto and 栗子 edition from Japan.


L = LOUIS VUITTON - My first branded bag is Louis Vuitton and I being a big fan since then……… but I stop buying expensive LV lately, and turn my aim to Gucci and LeSportsac.  Anyway, LV stills my favorite bag collection brand.


M = MONEY - Simple reason to have this in my dictionary……… a thing which is not impossible and without it is impossible, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


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