9 July 2006 (Sunday)

Last week was really an exhausted week, QingQing was sicked for the whole week.

She started vomiting on Tuesday (4/7/2006), mom called me on my handphone at 0830, telling me that QingQing was vomiting after she took her milk, I rushed home to take her for doctor.

Doctor gave her medicine to stop the vomiting, the vomit didn't stop but diarrhoea started on her.  Brought her to see another doctor on Thursday (5/7/2006) who said she got an infection in her stomach gave her some medicine again, but after taking those medicine made her diarrhoea even worst.

I was so tired and worried, Paul went to KL for meeting on Thursday again. Work was busy and stress.  QingQing diarrhoea didn't improve at all, she even got up in the middle of the night to the toilet. Both mom and I didn't managed to sleep well that night.

We thought QingQing will be better on Friday (6/7/2006), but it didn't show any improvement at all.  Mom told me to buy a special milk powder for diarrhoea from the pharmacy, I got the Novolac.  Got home after work, give her the special milk powder, lucky after taking this milk powder twice, QingQing got better and became active again.

Really thank to that special milk powder, I should have bought it earlier.  But at least I learnt from this experience loh!

She is now ok already, we brought her to Sport Complex yesterday, she enjoyed it a lot.  Really felt relief today.

Now I really felt the hard way of being a mother, mom is a great person in our life, always remember to say "I Love You" to our mom whenever is it.



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